About me

Since I were a child I yearned for some contact with the earth. This was the reason I chose to become an agronomist.

So, after completing my studies I settled in the home of my youth, Peristera, in Chortiatis mountain. There, as an agronomist and farmer, I am primarily concerned with the cultivation of aromatic plants, thus creating the brand “Votanakia” meaning little herbs.

Having as basic principles the respect for the environment and love for the land I cultivate in the estate oregano, mountain tea, sage, lavender, verbena, rosemary, thyme and wild native peppermint.
Peristera offers an ideal microclimate for the cultivation of aromatic-medicinal plants. Over time, existing crops will be enriched with other species.

I invite you to visit my village, to get to know me and taste my “Votanakia”.

I thank my family and all those who have helped in my endeavour.

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