Mountain Tea

A favorite brew, mountain tea refers to the species called Sideritis. A possible explanation for this name is perhaps the high iron content or that mountain tea was used to treat iron wounds (Sidiros meaning iron in Greek). We find it in the mountains of Greece at an altitude higher than 1000m. It consists of many different species with the best known of them growing in large mountains of the country (ieOlympus,Parnassos,Athosetc).




Its most important therapeutic feature recognized since ancient times is its action against microbes, fungi and bacteria. At the same time its effects are antirheumatic and anti-inflammatory.

Its various types are often used as a tonic or even a diuretic. Mountain tea has the potential to lower blood pressure and prevent thrombosis. Finally, most Greeks consume it to fight the common cold. Studies have shown how mountain tea acts against the AIDS virus.

Despite its value as a pharmaceutical product, its widest use in Greece is in the form of a beverage. With its unique aroma it is very pleasant for consumption mainly during the winter. Also, mountain tea is a bee-keeping plant. Honey produced from mountain tea is one of the favourites of consumers


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