Introductory elements
Sage is a very popular herb. Its scientific name Salvia officinalis L comes from Latin salvare meaning to save. In Greece there are approximately 20 native species belonging to the same family. The geographic spread of sage covers many Mediterranean countries, mainly the Adriatic, Southern Europe and Asia Minor. In Greece, however, it is not systematically cultivated. Sage was considered a polydrug from antiquity. There are reports from Dioskouridis, Hippocrates and others.



Dried sage is used in cooking as a flavouring and preservative. Still, sage as a brew has medicinal properties and helps in treating various inflammations of the mouth and throat, common cold and gastrointestinal disorders. It contains rosmarinic acid and therefore helps in heartburn, indigestion and at the same time tones and stimulates the nervous system. The essential oil of Sage is an antioxidant and is used in the food and beverage industry. In addition, it is widely used in the cosmetics and perfumery industry.
Also, sage repels insects.


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